Photographic Archive

Most of the years between 2004 and 2018 were spent as a professional photographer. This archive serves as a home for what once was and what will soon be finished. They are the accomplishments of a former self. A visual record of the foundations that created the artist I am now.


Immortal (In Progress)

This series attempts to reimagine the human portrait. Pigments, minerals, and powders are used to transform people into living sculptures without altering any physical characteristics. They are then immortalized using modern photographic techniques to replicate the display practice of both traditional sculpture and modern portrait works.  

The very first representative portraits were created by Roman sculptors. Cast in bronze or carved in marble, these life-like portraits gained their realistic fame from wax molds made of an individual's face (normally after they were deceased). These wax (death) masks would then stay within the home of the family the member belonged to on a kind of portrait wall of wax masks or on the portrait sculpture itself. Since these castings were created after death but were intended to highlight and immortalize the accomplishments of life, they were often garnished with recognizable symbols, colors, and artifacts that would portray those ideals without altering the actual human features of the portrait.  In this way both the physical likeness and the attached accomplishments would become ingrained in the culture of the family and community the figure was apart of.


Out of Light (2015)

This series catalogs a set of experimental portrait sessions photographed during 2014. The sessions used long exposures and static light to capture portraits of people moving through and enveloped with light. Photographed using both digital and film formats, each subject was instructed to empty their minds and meditate on something unique and personal to them. Once they indicated that they had found their point of focus, I would begin their timed portrait.  The portraits that emerged show a range and depth of emotion that was unexpected and truly uplifting. 

This series was apart of the artist works on display during the 2015 Spring River Arts Stroll in Asheville, NC. Below is the caption that accompanied the pieces shown. 

"White light is a product of all visibly perceivable light being viewed simultaneously However, the human eye actual views color in negative. So while your mind believes you are viewing the culmination of everything you are in fact viewing the absence of it."


Stardust (2014)



Fear (2011) NSFW

A deeply personal series, Fear is a journey of transition through the lens of domestic violence. The images were created using a single softened light placed outside the room and photographed with 30 sec exposures, the images created show just one perspective of a larger story. 

First captured in 2011, Fear was apart of the 2012 Projekte gallery exhibition of the same name. The series evoked such strong emotions from the viewing audience that the pieces were systematically damaged beyond repair by anonymous persons. Currently, only the last image in the series remains undamaged.  That image is now safely within the bounds of a private collection.


Symbiosis (2010) NSFW

Symbiosis is a record of the 8 year photographic relationship I had with my very first model and muse Solyria.