Photography by D-Bock @soupusmaximus

Photography by D-Bock @soupusmaximus


Almost all of the spaces for living, schooling, working, and dying are geometric shapes. As a child, my hands would firmly grasp the windows and door frames on those exteriors while my eyes would absorb all the vibrant activity inside. While I viewed these spaces, I was also simultaneously aware of the outside world. Listening to all that metal, concrete, and glass sing and hum to each passing train, bus, or breeze, was an amazing experience that occured in my life regularly. I endeavored then, to revisit the feeling of pure connectivity that I felt in those spaces as often as possible. This awareness instilled a recognition of unification through difference, rather than one initiated by similarities. It’s an important distinction that has carried over from my life into my art.

While I began my artistic journey as a nature photographer, my pursuit to create a simultaneous viewer experience of inside and outside has lead me down a road that is increasingly more intimate, personal, and sculptural. I use a combination of industrial and hand manipulated materials and processes in order to create my works. Throughout my artistic evolution, I use these physical representations of interconnected yet dramatically different spaces to further my understanding of myself and my place in this world. The most recent result of this exploration is currently showcased as geometric shells and shapes that are layered or filled with intuitively expressionistic cores.


In 1980, I was born in New York to a pair of artists. My father created oil paintings in his Long Island home. My mother performed arabic and latin inspired dances in NYC shows and theaters. Their creative energies instilled my artistic drive.

I received a camera as a gift while I served with the United States Armed Forces. Using a camera to create motivated my desire towards college. In 2011, I earned an Associate of Fine Arts degree in photographic and digital design from Cape Fear Community College.

Once I started towards a bachelor’s degree, my focus changed direction. My sketches and designs became more minimalistic and abstract, while my work became more sculptural. Still on this path, I am senior sculpture student with the University of North Carolina at Asheville.


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Juried Exhibitions

2019: Decadence & Desire, Gallery 114, Portland, OR - Joanie Krug

2019: 52nd Annual Student Show, Ramp Gallery, Asheville, NC - Hayden Wilson

2018: The Water Between Us, Art Basel, Miami, FL - Rail Too

2017: Unnamed, Bottega Gallery, Wilmington, NC - Addie Wuensch

2016: Art 4 Vets, Stratton VA Medical Center, Albany, NY

2015: RAW: Sensory, Charlotte, NC - Catherine Hooper

2014: RAW: Spectrum, Raleigh, NC - Tomris McDaniel

2013: NC Fetish Art Festival, Durham, NC

2012: Fear, Projekte Gallery, Wilmington, NC - Kraig Bienias

2012: Art Takes Times Square, Times Square, Manhattan, NY - Chashama & Artists Wanted

2012: Chiaroscuro, Projekte Gallery, Wilmington, NC - Kraig Bienias

2012: Grand Opening Show, Shades of Gray Art Gallery, Clayton, NC - Tina Gray

2012: CFCC Alumni Art Show, Hanover Art Gallery, Wilmington, NC - Benjamin Billingsley

2011: Cape Fear Community College Student Art Show,  Projekte Gallery, Wilmington, NC


Groups & Organizations

Continental Who's Who Registry

Disabled American Veterans

National Association of Professional Women

The Artist Guild

Thrive Network

Veteran Artist Program

Public Collections

Rockin Roller Salon

Shades of Gray

The Sketchbook Project

Group Exhibitions

2019: Infinite Sketch, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY

2017: Annual Member Show, Albany Center Gallery, Albany, NY

2016: Art 4 Vets, Stratton VA Medical Center, Albany, NY

2016: Argo Tea, D. Hiden Ramsey Library, Asheville, NC

2014: State of the Art/Art of the State, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC - Nora Burnett Abrams, Peter Eleey, Laura Hoptman, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson

2012: Dr. Sketchy Exhibition, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC

2011: State of the Art/Art of the State, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC - Susan Davidson, Nicholas Cullinan, Apsara Di Quinzio, Timothy Anglin Burgard

2011: Salon de Refus, Wilmington, NC 

2004: Johnston Community College Student Art Show, Smithfield, NC

2003: Johnston Community College Student Art Show, Smithfield, NC