Photography by D-Bock @soupusmaximus


I use art to explore and reflect on my own existence as a being of flesh and feeling. Continually inspired by this interplay, I seek to strengthen my understanding of the world through this dynamic. My bases, frames, and exterior surfaces are simple, recognizable and geometric. They represent my understanding of the perceptible world. Within those frames are organic, fluid, and intuitive expressions of the divine. These tethered impressions display not only the intangible nature of my sub-conscience and spirit but the symbiotic and ever evolving relationship it has with my physical self.

While I began my artistic journey as a photographer, the last few years have seen an increased inclination toward painting and sculpture. I use a combination of industrial machining and hand manipulated processes along with a mixture of various industrial and natural materials in order to create my works. Whether casting or carving I take a layered approach to all my pieces. This mindset allows me to focus on the individual influences guiding each section while also allowing for moments of reflection on the artwork as a whole.


In 1980, I was born in New York to a pair of artists.  Their creative energies instilled my artistic drive. After receiving and creating with a camera I was gifted in 1998, I sought out formal education in the creative arts.

In 2011, I earned an Associate of Fine Arts degree in photographic and digital design from Cape Fear Community College.

I am currently working toward a Bachelors degree in studio art at the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a concentration in sculpture.

Groups & Organizations

Continental Who's Who Registry

Disabled American Veterans

National Association of Professional Women

Student Organization Council

The Artist Guild

Thrive Network

Veteran Artist Program


Bachelor of Arts - University of North Carolina at Asheville, Asheville, NC (In progress)

Creative Business Management Certificate - AB Technical Community College, Asheville, NC (2014)

Associates of Fine Arts - Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC (2011)

Financial Management Certificate - Soldier Support Institute, Columbia, SC (2000)

General Education Degree - State University of New York at Albany, Albany , NY (1998)