BTS - The Three Fates

For the 2017-2018 school year, my youngest child made it into an educational program for early learners. His time there has been amazingly transformative and I am very grateful to his teachers for the time effort and focus they have placed in helping my youngest be his best, happiest self. When it was time for the new school year to begin, my tiny person and all of the children in his classroom transitioned to a different set of teachers. During the transition, I looked for an adequate gift to share my appreciation to these three amazing women. When I couldn't find one, I decided to make one instead.

These pieces were an intuitive creation that I poured and manipulated simultaneously. The Three Fates represent each of the teachers and are very reflective of their personalities. Using their favorite colors I decided to create flower gardens for them. This first piece represents Clotho, the fate who spun the thread of life. This woman worked with the children on a very one on one manner nurturing each child's individuality. Her symbol is the single flower. 


The second piece represents Lachesis the fate who cut and dispensed the thread.  The mother hen of the classroom, she worked with the children as a group, giving to all as they needed, and pairing them off with the others teachers as specific needs arose. She has the grouping of bright flowers to represent the nurturing and inspiring aspect of her teaching.


Finally, the piece below represents Atropos, the fate charged with cutting the thread. The oldest of the three, This caretakers greatest ability was to calm and guide the children, especially in times of fear, sorrow, weird foods and all dreaded naptime. Most often, she was the last person each child saw when they were leaving at days end. Her deep and long lasting effect is reflected in the dark rich tones of the leaves left behind once flowers bloom. I felt it best represented the care and nurturing presence she had on their lives.